The foundation underlying our individualized designs is our creative problem-solving process. This systematic, top-down approach ensures that our understanding is comprehensive and that each project is easily documented and under control.

  1. Define project. Identify building type, basic requirements and constraints.
  2. Gather client data. Understand client’s motives, desired functionality, lifestyle, needs and wants, and budget.  
  3. Gather site data. Survey site for points of interest, elevation, wind and solar orientation, topographical, seismic and physical constraints. Identify local building-code constraints.
  4. Develop design hypotheses + estimates. Draft preliminary design schemes and material estimates based on gathered data.
  5. Make design adjustments/revisions. Review design with client, gather critique and revise accordingly.
  6. Finalize design. Finalize design and forward to engineers for analysis.
  7. Additional revisions. Discuss any design changes from engineers with client. Revise design accordingly.


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