So why all-concrete log homes and why Andrews & Partners?

A hassle-free value. Our all-concrete log homes cost between 1/4th to 1/5th the price of a pre-built wooden log home to build. They also come free of the drawbacks of wood – rotting, cracking, warping, shrinking, and termite feeding – and the costs and headaches to prevent or remedy these.

True log home customization. Customize your log home according to authentic North American log home architecture. Not bound by the drawbacks of wood, our all-concrete log homes are free to tackle the most authentic log home features which would otherwise be impractical for a wooden log home in a tropical region.

The log home building experience. Our architectural service includes a step-by-step guide to walk you through the log home design process. Part of our creative problem-solving approach to design, this guide empowers you to have a hand in the “handcrafting” of your log home so you can have it the way you envision it.

Environmentally friendly. Our log homes are built using environment-friendly practices and come optional with insulated walls to keep your log home at the right temperature all day and to reduce your cooling/heating needs.

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