Our all-concrete log homes take every step to replicate the details of log-based construction in order to bring to life the architecture of authentic North American country log homes. Delight in the following features and options:

Log profile & corner style. Concrete in rounded or flat log profiles that join together in the corner style of your choice: saddle notch, butt-and-pass, vertical post corner, dovetail.

Simulated wood grain, texture & color. Choose to have your “logs” textured just like handcrafted wood and finished with expertly simulated wood grain, all in the color of your favorite exotic wood.

Stone-clad walls, pillars & fireplace. Opt to have certain wall sections or pillars clad in stone for a rocky mountain look. Include a live stone fireplace to fill your concrete log home with the warmth and smoky scent of firewood.

Insulated Walls. Optionally built using new-age construction methods that include insulated wall panels to give your home the same coziness of wood, and to help save on the energy required to cool/heat your home.

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